These New Puritans joined by brass ensemble at Glastonbury

John Peel Stage set also sees the band use twin drum kits

These New PuritansGlastonbury set saw them joined onstage by a brass ensemble this afternoon (June 27).

The Southend band were joined by two extra musicians throughout their set on the John Peel Stage, which started with two sets of drums played by George Barnett and Thomas Hein.

Singer Jack Barnett delayed his entrance until his bandmates and the brass players were in full swing, eventually entering the stage to sing ‘We Want War’.

The band said little throughout their set, although Jack did thank fans for turning up – albeit while speaking through a heavily echoed sound effect.

These New Puritans played:

‘5 Reversed’
‘We Want War’
‘Attack Music’
‘White Chords’

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