These New Puritans discuss new songs at only show of 2011

Jack Barnett says he's 'abandoned' the idea of going pop

These New Puritans have said they have ditched plans to make a more radio-friendly third album, as they’ve “discovered we actually hate pop music.”

The Southend band had previously said that they would attempt to make a more conventional pop album as the follow up to 2010’s dense ‘Hidden’. But they told NME last night (May 18) at their gig at London‘s Heaven – likely to be their only show of 2011 – that this is no longer the plan.

Singer Jack Barnett said of the idea to record a poppier album: “I’ve sort of abandoned that idea. I’ve realised I actually hate pop music. Most people don’t like good music so there’s no point trying to do something for them.”

Barnett also said he was enjoying performing lower key live shows without the orchestras and choirs that had characterised the band’s recent ‘Hidden’ live dates. “Doing ‘Hidden’ live was unwieldy, it was like having to steer this massive tanker,” he said. “Whereas this is more agile, and I think if the music is worth anything it should be able to work with this line-up.”

During their live set the band debuted two new songs: the tentatively-titled ‘Vibes’ and ‘Royal Song’. They also performed nine songs from ‘Hidden’ and two tracks from their 2008 debut album ‘Beat Pyramid’.

These New Puritans played:

‘We Want War’
‘Three Thousand’
‘Royal Song’
‘Drum Courts – Where Corals Lie’
‘Infinity Yyinifni’
‘Attack Music’
‘White Chords’