These New Puritans: ‘It’s a relief not to be working with an orchestra’

Band say they want to 'distil their music down again'

These New Puritans have said they are looking forward to playing with a more simple live show after performing with a choir and orchestra while touring their second album ‘Hidden’.

The band, who headline London‘s Heaven on May 18, say they will debut four new songs at the gig. Speaking to The Sun, frontman Jack Barnett responded to a question about whether he was nervous about performing without an choir and orchestra, by saying it would be “a relief” not to have them.

He said: “No, it will be a relief not to have them. Having done the ‘Hidden’ live shows, I felt like I wanted to distil the music down again. It will good to get These New Puritans across to the audience with a smaller band.”

Barnett also said that “part of him hated the idea of using an orchestra” as he feared it would make the band “seem overblown and corny.” He added that he brought the choir and orchestra in “because that’s what the music demanded.”

He added that the band would be joined live by two vibraphonists as part of a new seven-piece live line-up. He also revealed that regular member Sophie Sleigh-Johnson wouldn’t be performing live with them for the duration of the summer.

The frontman also confirmed that this will probably be These New Puritans‘ only live UK date of the year as they want to focus on writing new material.