These New Puritans announce 10th anniversary reissue of ‘Hidden’

Landmark LP was crowned NME's best album of 2010

These New Puritans are set to release a 10th anniversary edition of their album ‘Hidden’.

‘Hidden [MMXX]’ comes out in December and features previously unheard material from the time of the landmark LP’s recording.

Ahead of the release of the reissue on December 4, the band have shared ‘We Want War’ [DRUMS], a new version of ‘Hidden’ track ‘We Want War’.


Watch the new video for the track and see the tracklisting for ‘Hidden [MMXX]’ below.

Disc 1
1.     ‘Time Xone’
2.     ‘We Want War’
3.     ‘Three Thousand’
4.     ‘Hologram’
5.     ‘Attack Music’
6.     ‘Fire–Power’
7.     ‘Orion’
8.     ‘Canticle’
9.     ‘Drum Courts–Where Corals Lie’
10.   ‘White Chords’
11.   ‘5’
Disc 2
12.  ‘Hologram Pianos’
13.  ‘We Want War Brass & Woodwind’
14.  ‘5 Mallets’
15.  ‘Hologram Chamber Mix’
16.  ‘Drum Courts Hidden Live Paris’
17.  ‘Irreversible­­–En Papier Hidden Live Berlin’

The new reissue of ‘Hidden’ follows the band’s last album ‘The Cut’, which came out in February and was considered a “sister-release” to their last album, 2019’s ‘Inside the Rose’.

Reviewing ‘Inside The Rose’, NME wrote: “There’s something to be said for These New Puritans’ ability to conjure such an all-consuming world – one which is so dense and claustrophobic it feels inescapable.


“Less impressive, though, is the way you long to escape that claustrophobia. A slow slog through a murky alternate dimension, from a band who made their name on vibrancy and experimentation, ‘Inside The Rose’ is frustratingly lacking in both.”

‘Hidden’ was crowned NME’s album of the year in 2010.