Philomena Lynott believes that a statue of her son Phil can be used as the focus of an anti-drug message...

PHILOMENA LYNOTT, the mother of the late THIN LIZZY frontman PHIL, has called on the Irish government to erect a statue in honour of her late son.

Mrs Lynott, who has written a best-selling biography of the star called ‘My Boy’, believes Lynott to be a good role model for Ireland’s youth, despite his death from a heroin overdose.

Last Thursday, January 4, was the 15th anniversary of his death.

Q online ([url=], reports Mrs Lynott explaining the statue used as the focus of an anti-drug message.

“I will tell those kids to love him but not his lifestyle,” she said. “Drugs are a killer and I don’t want any mother to suffer like I have. When he died, I died with him. I used to cry rivers for him but there are lots more women in the world who have lost children.”

She also revealed initial plans to turn ‘My Boy’ into a feature film. Noel Pearson, the producer of Oscar-winning ‘My Left Foot’, has been mooted as a possible name to look after the project.