Prog band Maraton point out how Imagine Dragons’ artwork is very, very similar to theirs

"Damn! They got good taste!"

A Norwegian band has noticed that the cover artwork for an Imagine Dragons single is very similar to one of their own.

Maraton have pointed out that the sleeve for their single ‘Blood Music’ is the same as Imagine Dragons’ cover image for ‘Bad Liar’. Maraton’s single was released in February 2018, while Imagine Dragons’ song dropped six months later in November 2018.

Despite the similarities, Maraton have issued an amicable statement in which they reveal that they bought their single design from an artist called Beeple_crap. But they did not sign up for exclusive use.

“Instagram is a wonderful place for art. We bought our artwork from an incredible artist called beeple_crap. We contacted him and asked him if we could buy the rights of using these photos for our singles and album,” they explained.

“After much consideration we found five pieces that really suited our music perfectly. It’s really not cheap to be a musician these days, and our budget was not something to brag about.

“We payed a one-time fee for using his art, and didn’t think much more of it. Suddenly we saw that Imagine Dragons had a new single coming up with the same artwork… six months after our release.

They concluded: “With no deal in hand giving us the exclusive rights for the photos, we can only say one thing. Damn! They got good taste!”

Maraton’s new album, ‘Meta’, is released on April 26.

Meanwhile, Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds has responded to his critics after Slipknot’s Corey Taylor said that they had replaced Nickelback as the worst band in the world.


Last month, Taylor described the Las Vegas band as “awful” and said that Nickelback were “passing the baton” after years of widespread ridicule.