This website randomly generates a ’90s festival lineup and plays vintage live footage

Suede bassist Mat Osman is one of a number of people who has come across the site

A website that creates a fake ’90s festival lineup and links to archive live performance footage looks to sap away hours of time from nostalgic music fans.

It was highlighted by Suede bassist Mat Osman earlier today (July 13), who joked that he won’t accept the auto-generated lineup until his band is higher than Midnight Oil.


The ’90s festival generator was created by Twitter user ‘rico monkeon’, who wrote when launching it that it features “wonky VHS footage of all your indie favourites.”

One random lineup places R.E.M as headliners on the Reef Alcopop Stage, while Beastie Boys top the Raw Magazine Britpop Stage. Other acts included lower down the list are Neil Young, Lenny Kravitz, The Verve, Massive Attack, Lou Reed, The Chemical Brothers, Wilco, and Sinead O’Connor.

If clicked on, the Neil Young name banner, for example, takes users to Young’s performance of ‘Cinnamon Girl’ at Phoenix Festival in 1997.

Also featured on the website where the festival lineup can be found is a ‘Guess My IMDB rating’, which challengers users to guess the website maker’s rating by typing in random movie titles.

‘Stupid Jukebox’, meanwhile, allows visitors “to discover some funny/weird/godawful songs,” wrote Monkeon. “I created an array of every 7″ single which Discogs has listed as comedy, novelty or parody, gave it a shuffle & tidy, and linked it up to a YouTube search.”


Meanwhile, outdoor gigs and arts performances were able to resume from later Saturday (July 11), providing they had a “limited and socially distanced audience.”

In addition, a number of small indoor “test events” will also take place in order to help plan the future reopening of venues. They include a performance by the London Symphony Orchestra at St. Luke’s Church, performances at the London Palladium and at Butlin’s holiday parks.