This Week’s New Music Releases: 25 January 2010

Albums and singles released in the UK today

Beach House release their new album ‘Teen Dream’ today (January 25), alongside other new releases from White Rabbits (‘It’s Frightening’) and Good Shoes (‘No Hope, No Future’).

In the singles world, The xx, Editors and Broken Bells (aka The ShinsJames Mercer and Danger Mouse) all have new releases.

Albums released this week:

Beach House – ‘Teen Dream’
Charlotte Gainsbourg – ”IRM’
David Bowie – ‘A Reality Tour’
Four Tet – ‘There Is Love In You’
Yeti Lane – ‘Yeti Lane’
Good Shoes – ‘No Hope, No Future’
Hadouken! – ‘ For The Masses’
Paul Weller & Keb Darge – ‘Lost & Found: Real R’n’B And Soul’
Magnetic Fields – ‘Realism’
White Rabbits – ‘It’s Frightening’

Singles released this week:

Broken Bells – ‘High Road’
Editors – ‘You Don’t Know Love’
I Was A King – ‘Not Like This’
Strange Boys – ‘Be Brave’
The xx – ‘VCR’