This week’s releases: 15 June 2009

Albums and singles released in the UK today

Blur release a new compilation today (June 15), ‘Midlife: A Beginner’s Guide To Blur’ – on the same day that Enter Shikari release their second album, ‘Common Dreads’.

In the singles stakes Gossip announce their comeback with new single ‘Heavy Cross’, while Jack Penate releases new effort ‘Be The One’.

Albums released today:

Kissy Sell Out – ‘Youth’
Eyes Set To Kill – ‘World Outside’
Aqualung – ‘Words And Music’
Patrick Watson – ‘Wooden Arms’
Buffalo Gals – ‘Won’t Get Trouble In Mind’
Everclear – ‘Welcome To The Drama Club’
Mika Miko – ‘We BeXuxa’
Wave Machines – ‘Wave If You’re Really There’
The Lemonheads – ‘Varshons’
Circulus – ‘Thoughts Become Reality’
Spinnerette – ‘Spinnerette’
Tiny Masters Of Today – ‘Skeletons’
Soft Hearted Scientists – ‘Scarecrow Smiles’
Blur – ‘Midlife: A Beginner’s Guide To Blur’
Anti Flag – ‘People Or The Gun’
Enter Shikari – ‘Common Dreads’
Client – ‘Command’
The Answering Machine – ‘Another City, Another Sorry’

Singles released today:

Wehaveband – ‘You Came Out’
Taylor Swift – ‘You Belong With Me’
Kid Harpoon – ‘Stealing Cars’
Ash – ‘Return Of The White Rabbit’
Dinosaur Jr – ‘Over It’
Papa roach – ‘Lifelines’
Blazin’ Squad – ‘Let’s Start Again’
Gossip – ‘Heavy Cross’
Official Secrets Act – ‘Bloodsport’
Jack Penate – ‘Be The One’
Jarvis Cocker – ‘Angela’