This Week’s New Music Releases: July 4 2011

Chemical Brothers, Blondie and Steven Tyler all have new stuff out

The Chemical Brothers release their official soundtrack for Hanna today (July 4).

In a quiet week for releases, there are new albums out from Alice Gold and the debut album from Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler puts out his first solo track today ‘(It) Feels So Good’, while Bright Eyes, Avril Lavigne and Bon Iver all have new singles out.

Singles released today:

All The Young – ‘Welcome Home’
Bon Iver – ‘Calgary’
Bright Eyes – ‘Jejune Stars’
Caged Animals – ‘Girl’s On Medication’
Chipmunk feat. Trey Songz – ‘Take Off’
Grouplove – ‘Itchin’ On A Photograph’
Guillemots – ‘I Must Be A Lover’
Kings Of Leon – ‘Back Down South’
Avril Lavigne – ‘Smile’
Rumer – ‘Take Me As I Am’
Steven Tyler – ‘(It) Feels So Good’
Alex Winston – ‘Choice Notes’

Albums released today:

Alice Gold – ‘Seven Rainbows’
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – ‘Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm’
Beverley Knight – ‘Soul UK’
The Chemical Brothers – ‘Hanna: OST’
Chthonic – ‘Takasago Army’
Dionne Bromfield – ‘Good For The Soul’
Memory Tapes – ‘Player Piano’
Selena Gomez And The Scene – ‘When The Sun Goes Down’
Unearth – ‘Darkness In The Light’
Yes – ‘Fly From Here’