Thom Yorke and Rachel Owen announce separation

Couple split after 23 'highly creative and happy years'

Thom Yorke and Rachel Owen have announced their separation.

A statement released by Yorke reads: “Rachel and I have separated. After 23 highly creative and happy years, for various reasons we have gone our separate ways. It’s perfectly amicable and has been common knowledge for some time.”

Yorke and Owen, a printmaker, met at the University of Exeter. They have two children, Noah, born in 2001, and daughter Agnes, born in 2004.


Yorke has been working on the ninth Radiohead album since the start of the year. In February, guitarist Jonny Greenwood revealed that the band had “changed their method” and had been recording for “a couple of months”.

Philip Selway has also spoken about the project, saying progress on the record has been “in fits and starts”, but “come September it just becomes quite a full schedule”.

On what to expect from the LP, the drummer added: “For so long we kind of played exclusively with each other and that takes you so far, so I suppose from album to album you try to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.”

“We kind of change record to record, try and change the underlying approach to making music.”

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