BitTorrent sales of Thom Yorke album not chart eligible – but vinyl sales are

Vinyl copies of 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes' are being distributed by Sandbag, an Official Chart Company partner

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke‘s new album ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ will be chart eligible in the UK – but on vinyl sales alone.

The album was released on Friday via BitTorrent, with over 100,000 people downloading the free bundle in its first 24 hours.

Purchase of the full album required a $6 (£3.68) payment, and no figures are available regarding the number of purchases made. A spokesperson for BitTorrent tells NME: “Sales figures are not being disclosed, which is the artist’s discretion.”

Sales of the physical, vinyl release of the album are therefore the only ones that will count towards a chart position on the Official UK Album Chart position, a spokesperson for the Chart Company confirmed in a statement given to NME. The spokesperson said: “BitTorrent are not a chart-reporting retailer so those sales won’t count toward the Official Albums Chart. However, sales of the vinyl format sold through W.A.S.T.E will be chart eligible as they are handled by Sandbag who are a long-standing chart reporting partner.”

‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ is Yorke’s first solo album since ‘The Eraser’ in 2006. The album’s release was described as an “experiment” by Yorke, who announced its availability in a press statement co-authored with producer Nigel Godrich.

Prior to the album’s release, Yorke teased fans with bits of information about forthcoming work. On September 24, he posted an image of the lyrics to Radiohead track ‘A Wolf At The Door’ with some new lines added.

Two days prior to that, he linked to an image of a white vinyl 12-inch record playing on a turntable, which led fans to speculate that there could be new music coming soon.