Thom Yorke gives Gordon Brown a cautious welcome

Radiohead singer urges people to 'do something' about climate change

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has urged his fans to start doing something about climate change.

Posting on, he reacted to the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s speech this week on the issue.

He said: “I heard today that the British Prime Minister, Gordon his name is, has finally stopped faffing about and is talking about climate change as the inconvenient truth that it is, which, being as i am involved with Friends Of The Earth and the campaign to get a good law passed that really commits in the UK us to DO SOMETHING fast, is (at least on the surface) a good thing.”


Yorke went on to say that he wishes that a law was passed to force the change.

“If there is a law then we all have to act. am i dreaming? i am not the only one.(ahem~),” he wrote.

He also added that he is happy fans have come up to him praising Radiohead’s new album, telling fans: “Thank you to everybody who keeps coming up to me that like ‘In Rainbows’ and what we’ve done.”

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