Thom Yorke reacts to solo album reviews

And posts it on band website

Thom Yorke has posted a cryptic musing on the critical reaction given to his debut solo album ’The Eraser’.

The singer, who will reunite with his Radiohead bandmates for next month’s V Festival[/a], left a cryptic post on Radiohead.comthat has baffled fans.

However the inclusion of lines such as “7 out of 10” and “could try harder” suggests that it was a reaction to the reviews of his first solo effort.

The post which appeared on July 25 reads:

“7 out



coul d try harder.

could do better. lacks correct motivation.

“in my yopinion….â€?

(of course) hes crackerjack (you know)

(the fence whistl;es like sleighbells)

lacks motivation. full of own self importance.

always shooting his mouth off.

tends to stray from the path:

Not as good as.

that one there, no, not this one.





never was.

never will be again.

the only way is down.

so now ambels around aimlessly.

casting around for that magic. me.

it is denied.

searches for own epitaph in graveyard.”

As previously reported by NME.COM, the album was one of the nominated Nationwide Mercury Prize albums of the year.