Thom Yorke explains album title

So why 'The Eraser' then?

Thom Yorke has explained the meaning behind the title of his solo album, ‘The Eraser’.

Yorke also described how the sense of powerlessness he felt at the government’s actions towards the environment and the war in Iraq influenced the album.

Explaining the title, the Radiohead star told The Globe and Mail: “This is such a dark period in our country’s history. There are these huge elephants that we have in the room at the moment, in the West, and people are desperately trying to erase them from public consciousness.”


This week’s NME features a track-by-track guide to ‘The Eraser’, which frequently references political issues, such as the death of Dr David Kelly on the track ‘Harrowdown Hill’.

‘The Eraser’ is released on July 10 through XL Records. Radiohead are currently touring North America.