Thom Yorke compares Theresa May’s handling of Brexit to “the early days of the Third Reich”

"Nobody voted for you to threaten chaos upon this land."

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has hit out at Theresa May’s handling of Brexit, likening it to the early days of Adolf Hitler’s Germany.

The music icon, who has previously been a vocal critic of the Tory Government, hit out at the Prime Minister in an impassioned Twitter post.

Accusing May of facilitating a hostile environment against immigrants, Yorke said she had used “the lives of millions of Europeans as a bargaining tool”.


“Nobody voted for you to threaten chaos upon this land in myriad form in order to intimidate its citizens and parliament,” wrote Yorke.

“Nobody voted for you to bring into question the lives of millions of Europeans as a bargaining tool, causing immense distress and suffering, an action worthy of the early days of the third reich.”

He added: “Nobody voted for you to drive this red bus over a cliff with the passengers screaming in the back. None of this has been a expression of the democracy you have been claiming to uphold. Fear is not a weapon to be used by a UK Prime Minister in the 21st Century. Stop the bus…now.”

Yorke’s latest comments after he previously accused the Tory government of treating British citizens like “lemmings running off a cliff.”


Speaking to BBC 6 Music in 2018, he recalled how he had subtly hit out at May during Radiohead’s Glastonbury headline slot in 2017.

“I remember at Glastonbury saying ‘shut the door on the way out, Theresa’, or something. Everybody thought that was it and they’re still there – and not only there, they’re treating everybody like lemmings running off a cliff,” said Yorke.

“In the Orwell novel, it’s like the whole point is it doesn’t matter. The language you’ve grown up with to express how you see the world has been taken away from you and turned into a theatre of the absurd. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.”

Last year, Yorke also hinted that a future album could also head in a new political direction.