Thom Yorke continues to tease solo album with mysterious projections on London landmarks

The mysterious Anima Technologies gains pace...

Thom Yorke has continued to tease his forthcoming solo album by projecting a series of mysterious messages on London landmarks.

The Radiohead frontman began offering cryptic clues earlier this week by posting the advert for ‘Anima Technologies’ on London underground trains and various other places across the globe. Photos posted on social media revealed that the advert is promoting a “dream camera” to capture our subconscious thoughts, and also provides a phone number which plays the unreleased track ‘Not The News’ when it is called.

But the mysterious campaign went up a notch last night as adverts for Anima Technologies began to appear at key London locations shortly after 10PM. New photos show the cryptic adverts appearing at the Tate Modern, Big Ben and Marble Arch.


Continuing the promotion of the so-called “dream camera”, it states: “Do you have trouble remembering your dreams? It’s a feeling we know all too well at Anima. You’re deep in a surreal world where you can be anybody you like, where you can do anything. And then when you wake up, the dream fades. It’s gone, or is it?

“Here at Anima, we’ve built something we call a dream camera. Just call the number.”

The signs were seem outside the Tate Modern

Tate Modern Anima

A website for Anima Technologies also contains a similar message, but subsequently claims that the company has “been ordered by the High Court to cease and desist from undertaking its advertised business” and that the website “has been seized by the Authorities to prevent anymore on-line activities in relation to the aforementioned business.

This comes after Yorke discussed the forthcoming record earlier this year, admitting that it was inspired by dystopia, anxiety, and a “crisis point” in our social system.


Big Ben also featured the projection

“The dystopian thing is one part of it, yes, but for me, one of the big, prevailing things was a sense of anxiety,” Yorke explained. “If you suffer from anxiety it manifests itself in unpredictable ways, some people have over-emotional reactions. [For] some people the roots of reality can just get pulled out, you don’t know what’s happening. Then eventually reality comes back.

“For some reason I thought a really good way of expressing anxiety creatively was in a dystopian environment. I had so many visual things going on at this point.”

Meanwhile, Radiohead last week responded to being “hacked” after having 18 hours of previously unheard material from the making of ‘OK Computer’ leaked by releasing the sessions themselves, for a limited time.

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