Thom Yorke doesn’t like music algorithms because they tell him to listen to Muse


Thom Yorke has thrown shade at Muse by saying that he doesn’t follow music algorithm recommendations as they suggest he listens to the band’s music.

The Radiohead frontman, who released his third solo album ‘ANIMA’ last month, said that he doesn’t rely on suggestions from music platforms because they often lead him to Muse.

When asked by The Sunday Times about algorithms, Yorke laughed and replied: “No. ‘If you like this, you’ll like this’, and then it gives me… MUSE.”


Thom Yorke

Elsewhere in the interview, Yorke said that he likes Billie Eilish because she’s “doing her own thing… nobody’s telling her what to do.”

He made the remarks about Eilish after attending one of her concerts with his daughter. Additionally, he revealed that he was stood in front of Sam Smith at the gig.

“That was a fine moment,” he said. “We sat down and whats-his-name, the guy who did the Bond film we didn’t do? He stands behind us and I’m sitting with my daughter, her friends, and my girlfriend, when suddenly everyone goes ‘Saaaam!’ I’m, like, ‘Aaaaargh!’”

Smith said in a 2016 interview that he didn’t know who Yorke was. Was Yorke’s comment to The Sunday Times his comeback? Quite possibly so…


In other news, Yorke recently told Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 about how he writes music with Radiohead. “When I’m rooting around ideas and stuff, I don’t really…it’s like a child playing with LEGO.

“I used to, at least, play a bunch of chords, mumble over the top, send them round to the guys and then they’d find things in them and say, ‘That’s good, that’s good, can we work on that?’ Only at that point do I feel I have their permission to connect with it in a different way. Then I can like pick up the mic if someone else has got the music around it, in its most basic form.”