Thom Yorke wrote “30 or 40 different versions” of ‘Paranoid Android’

The Radiohead frontman recalls looking through his early notebooks.

Thom Yorke has revealed that he wrote “30 or 40 different versions” of ‘Paranoid Android’ after discussing the reissue of Radiohead’s iconic album ‘OK Computer’.

Speaking to Matt Everitt for BBC 6 Music’s ‘First Time’ series yesterday (June 10), the Radiohead frontman spoke of his relationship with his bandmates, his early influences and what it was like to go through his early notebooks.

When the topic turned to the ‘OK Computer’ reissue ‘OK NOT OK’, Yorke said he wrote many versions of ‘Paranoid Android’, all with very minor differences. “What I found really fascinating was going through my notebooks at the time, and making friends with whoever this nut was,” he said.


“Oh my god…think I’m bad now? Just pages of like, ‘seriously mate, you need to take a break.’” You can listen to the full interview here.

Meanwhile, Yorke has led the charge in slamming Theresa May for attempting to form a government with the DUP.

After calling a snap election but failing to gain a majority, Prime Minister May and the Tories were suffered a humiliating blow when Labour made surprising and significant gains.

After the result of a hung parliament, a coalition would be needed by either side to form a government. May then vowed to form a government of ‘certainty’ with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.

Due to the DUP’s past of opposing same sex marriage and abortion, as well climate change denial, a number of figures from the world of music, entertainment and politics have hit out at the Tories – with Yorke saying “not my government – have you no shame?”