Thom Yorke soundtracks a “sensory experience” dinner in new rag & bone video

The video features Atoms for Peace remix of Four Tet’s 'Pyramid'

Thom Yorke has soundtracked a new video from the fashion label ‘rag & bone’.

The video, unveiling the company’s Fall 2019 collection, is titled ‘A Last Supper’ and features Atoms for Peace‘s remix of Four Tet’s ‘Pyramid’.

Hosted by rag & bone co-founder Marcus Wainwright, Christine Jones, an Artificial Intelligence System and Radiohead collaborator Nigel Godrich, it’s described as a “sensory experience” dinner. The dinner was curated by Chef Ignacio Mattos (Estela) and Tamar Adler, with a special performance developed by choreographer, Damien Jalet (Suspiria).


“Over the course of the evening the AI system effectively learned and evolved through the actions of the [dinner] guests,” a press release reads. Watch the video below.

Yorke has worked with the fashion label a number of times, scoring two short films by the label last year and also soundtracking a number of their fashion shows. He DJ’ed with Nigel Godrich for the label’s New York Fashion Week 2017 party, too.

In other Yorke news, the Radiohead frontman recently hit out at Theresa May’s handling of Brexit, likening it to the early days of Adolf Hitler’s Germany.

Accusing May of facilitating a hostile environment against immigrants, Yorke said she had used “the lives of millions of Europeans as a bargaining tool”.


“Nobody voted for you to threaten chaos upon this land in myriad form in order to intimidate its citizens and parliament,” wrote Yorke.

“Nobody voted for you to bring into question the lives of millions of Europeans as a bargaining tool, causing immense distress and suffering, an action worthy of the early days of the third reich.”