Thom Yorke remixes Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ for Japanese fashion show

It soundtracks Jun Takahashi's UNDERCOVER 2021 collection 'Creep Very'

Thom Yorke has remixed the solo acoustic version of ‘Creep’ to contribute to a high-profile Japanese fashion show.

The 1992 Radiohead classic was reworked for Kiryū-born designer Jun Takahashi’s UNDERCOVER 2020-2021 autumn/winter collection ‘Creep Very’, which was showcased this week.

Yorke has provided a variety of songs for fashion show soundtracks over the years. ‘Coloured Candy’ soundtracked the launch of Rag & Bone’s 2017 spring/summer collection, and the singer previously contributed to the New York fashion chain in 2011, 2013, and 2015 (with ‘Villains’ for the latter).


Watch the full show here, with the new version of ‘Creep’ coming in around the 7:30 mark, and listen to the track below.

It’s not the first high-profile reimagining of ‘Creep’ this week, after mxmtoon released a cover of the song as part of the upcoming third Life Is Strange game.

The singer – who supplies the singing voice of the game’s protagonist Alex – made the announcement by sharing a clip from Life Is Strange: True Colors on social media, along with a visualizer for ‘Creep’ that features footage from the upcoming game.

Meanwhile, Yorke was one of several musicians to have criticised the controversial new policing bill which passed its first hurdle in Parliament on Tuesday (March 16).


Yorke retweeted a video of Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy, who gave a speech on why the party voted against the new crime bill. The musician captioned the post with the quote: “…those who cause annoyance could be jailed for up to ten years…”

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