Watch Thom Yorke play ‘Open Again’ from ‘Suspiria’ soundtrack in new studio session

Thom shared the footage on Twitter this evening

Thom Yorke has released some new footage where he plays an acoustic version of ‘Open Again’ from the Suspiria soundtrack he scored earlier this year.

The footage, recorded as part of a studio session at Electric Ladyland in New York, was posted online earlier this evening.

Taking to Twitter, Yorke wrote: “Open Again from Suspira sndtrk. recorded as part of a session at Electric Ladyland NYC recently. due to be broadcast on various stations throughout USA. info to follow when i get my shit together but right now im having coffee.”

You can watch footage of the recording below:

The Radiohead frontman released his score for Luca Guadagnino’s remake of the classic horror in October. It features 25 original compositions – with contributions from the London Contemporary Orchestra and Choir, Pasha Mansurov, and Yorke’s own son, Noah, who plays drums on two songs.

Yorke recently performed the Suspiria track ‘Unmade’ for the first time, as his solo tour kicked off in the US.

At the opening night of his tour in Philidelphia on November 23, the musician gave ‘Unmade’ its live debut during the show’s second encore. The track was the only Suspiria cut to feature in the set, which leant on material from Yorke’s solo albums and Atoms for Peace songs.

Meanwhile, Yorke recently revealed that he was “jealous” of his bandmate Johnny Greenwood’s film score work.

Discussing the Suspiria project, Yorke was asked if Greenwood’s experience made the process easier. “If I was honest with myself, I was a little bit jealous but felt that I couldn’t [do it] so I never tried,” he replied.

Yorke also recently revealed more about his forthcoming “politically charged” new solo album that’s “different to anything” he’s done before. “The method has been the opposite of depending on computers,” he added.

“We’ve improvised with a lot of sounds and effects. It has been a very weird way to make a record, which is very exciting.” Asked whether he’s gotten bored of computers, Yorke replied: “I always get bored.”