Thom Yorke’s son Noah shares new song ‘Cerebral Key’

It follows his previous tracks 'Red Skies' and 'Lucky Black Cat'

Noah Yorke, the son of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, has shared new song ‘Cerebral Key’.

The track, which you can listen to below, was released through Sly-Tone Records yesterday (August 1) and is taken from his forthcoming EP of the same name.

Vocally it sounds similar to his father as Yorke sings: “He lost himself inside a dream / Nobody was sure what it was supposed to be / It’s clear as day / Just need some time and I’m not afraid.”


Writing about the track on Instagram he wrote: “My first time in a studio for my own work, it was a great experience, and i am proud of the results. it has been a reflective and formative process to write and record this project for you, and i hope you enjoy it.”

It follows his previous single ‘Red Skies’ with Dylan Gers, the son of Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers and ‘Lucky Black Cat’.

Yorke released his first track under his own name ‘Trying Too Hard (Lullaby)’ in September 2021. He’d previously dropped material under the alias Alec Owen, including 2020’s ‘L.E.T.H.A.L.’ album. Additionally, Noah was a member of London duo Hex Girlfriend.

Meanwhile, a Youtuber recently recreated Radiohead‘s album ‘OK Computer’ in its entirety using sounds from games for the Nintendo 64 console.


Creator on4word reimagined the tracks of Radiohead’s 1997 album with sounds from games such as Super Mario 64, The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Golden Eye 007′, ‘Banjo Kazooie, Yoshi’s Story and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

In other Radiohead news, drummer Philip Selway recently said that the band will release new material “of some sort” in the “next couple of years”.

“We’re always talking about stuff. But in terms of an actual kind of collective project, beyond the ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’ stuff that we’ve been doing [2021’s ‘Kid Amnesia’ reissue project and interactive exhibition], it’s kind of further down the line for us when that will happen. We’re talking about that, but at the moment everybody’s doing their own thing,” Selway told Prog Magazine [via MusicNews].

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