‘I thought it was me’ – Eminem praises comedian Chris D’Elia’s awesome impression


Eminem has spoken out in praise of comedian Chris D’Elia’s immaculate impression of him.

D’Elia went viral last year when he shared a clip of himself imitating Marshall Mathers’ modern-day, rapid-fire robotic flow, as heard on surprise 2018 album ‘Kamikaze’.

Now, Em has responded by sharing another video of the comedian’s impression, performed in a cluttered garage while wearing a hoodie as he describes his surroundings.


Check out the new clip and the original below.

Other stars to channel Eminem recently include Liverpool FC’s James Milner, who posted a hilarious response to a disgruntled follower on Twitter who moaned after the midfielder repeatedly failed to get back to him online.

After one fan challenged him in the style of his hit ‘Stan’, Milner replied: “Dear Lee, I meant to tweet sooner but I just been busy. Why are you so mad? Try to understand I do want you as a fan…but you’re asking the wrong number 7 #damn.”


As Dido spoke out to confirm that her son Stan is not in fact named after their collaboration of the same name, Eminem recently debuted the trailer for ‘Marshall from Detroit’, a hi-tech new VR documentary movie that tells his story and lets you see his hometown through the rapper’s own eyes.