Three members of Tool score new short film ‘The Witness’

The animation launches Adam Jones' new Les Paul guitars

Tool‘s Adam Jones, Justin Chancellor and Danny Carey have recorded the score to a new short film, The Witness.

Composed and performed by Jones, the stirring seven-minute piece features Carey on percussion and Chancellor on bass. It was produced by Todd Harapiak alongside Tim Dawson, who also recorded the song.

The animated film itself serves as an introduction to Jones’ new 1979 Les Paul Custom guitar, which is available in an aged and signed model as well as a standard Silverburst version. You can find more information on the limited-edition instrument here.


“I’m proud to finally show the world the first release in our multi-year partnership with Adam Jones,” explained Gibson CMO Cesar Gueikian. “Adam is one of the most talented and sonically innovative guitarists. I call him a modern riff lord and sonic architect.

“His creativity and technical ability in music, visual effects, production, videography and beyond is second to none and our collaboration is a true reflection of Adam.”

Meanwhile, Tool‘s Maynard James Keenan has hit our at coronavirus conspiracy theorists after revealing earlier this month that he contracted COVID in February.

“I’m still feeling residual effects of [the virus],” he said. “I feel like there’s a bunch of people that…maybe I didn’t almost die, but I have friends who almost died. It was ugly. And then you have people going…apparently I’m being paid to say this. Eat a dick, dude.”