Thrice have their musical equipment stolen

Band's storage space is ransacked by thieves

Thrice have had most of their equipment stolen.

The California hardcore band, who had been working on their eighth album, posted a studio update today in which they explained that their gear had been stolen from their storage space.

Writing on their official website,, guitarist Teppei Teranishi explained: “We found our storage space dead empty, robbed and quite literally swept clean several weeks ago (no, seriously, they took a broom and dust pan and swept it clean). Luckily, the stuff we currently use the most was at the studio, but we still had a lot of stuff taken.”


Teranishi added that the thieves had been apprehended and were in custody. “The culprits were actually caught and are locked up at the moment and we were able to get some smaller stuff back (mostly cases),” he wrote.

Some of the band’s equipment had already been sold on by the thieves. Thrice have issued a plea to fans in California to look out for any of their equipment if they see it being hawked. The list of equipment can be found at