Thursday announce that they will be going on hiatus

Emo rockers say an 'endless stream of personal difficulties' has caused them to put the band on hold

Thursday have announced that they will be going on hiatus after their US tour ends next month.

The New Jersey emo rockers, who released their seventh studio album ‘No Devolución’ earlier this year, have said that “an endless series of personal difficulties” have forced them to put the band on hold for the foreseeable future. They have stressed though that there have been no fall-outs within the band.

In a statement on their official website, the band wrote: “Despite the fantastic year that the band has enjoyed, creatively, things haven’t been as easy for us on a personal level. Without diving into detail, it’s fair to say that this year has been an endless series of personal difficulties. We haven’t had any falling out and are all still close. I’m sure that we will continue to create, in some capacity, together.”


They continued: “We’ve talked about turning Thursday into something else: a non-profit, a band that only records sporadically, a collection of other projects. Underneath it all, the personal circumstances involved make it impossible to continue Thursday in the spirit that has made it special. So, we stop. For now, at least.”

You can the full statement on

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