Thurston Moore criticises Twitter users who ‘exist on scandal’

Former Sonic Youth frontman admits he reads negative tweets about himself

Thurston Moore has admitted to reading the things people say about him on Twitter, saying that he thinks social media users “exist on scandal”.

Moore recently released his new solo album ‘The Best Day’, his latest album since the Sonic Youth split in 2011. That split came after Moore’s marriage to bandmate Kim Gordon ended – it was subsequently revealed that the frontman cheated on his wife with a woman he then moved to London with.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal about the public’s perception of him, Moore admitted that he often sees negative or critical comments made about him online, though it is rare anybody criticises him in public.


“A lot of that existed in the virtual world, but on the street, not so much,” Moore said. “We live in this duplicitous existence now. For me, to be inundated with all this commentary, it’s almost exclusively by people I don’t know who they are. But when I go out on the street, it’s not presented to me at all. I was like “Where are these voices? Why aren’t they coming up to me and expressing their concerns?” I don’t mind people interested in my professional world. But my intimate, private life — it’s not something I want to talk to somebody [about] who I’ve never met or know who they look like. It’s funny how it exists so profoundly in the online world but not at all in the physical world. It’s just not there.”

Asked how he deals with the negativity, Moore added: “I immediately delete and process it. I think about people who have these lives exist on scandal. The Jens and the Joes. They all start with J. In a way, they’ve learned to derive value from it. There’s a revenue of scandal.”

The Thurston Moore Band tour the UK in November.

The band will play:

London Islington Assembly Hall (November 7)
Bristol Fleece (8)
Manchester Gorilla (9)
Glasgow Art School (11)
Nottingham Bodega (12)

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