Thurston Moore releases surprise ambient album ‘screen time’

It arrives just a few months after his last studio album, 'By The Fire'

Thurston Moore has released a surprise new album entitled ‘screen time’, which consists of 10 abstract and ambient instrumental pieces.

The musician shared the record without fanfare today (February 5), which is available to stream and download exclusively via Bandcamp. You can take a listen below.


It comes just five months after Moore’s last studio album, ‘By The Fire’, which featured contributions from Moore’s former Sonic Youth bandmate Steve Shelley and My Bloody Valentine’s Debbie Googe.

In a four-star review, NME said of ‘By The Fire’: “Moore elegantly channels his sense of poise and calm in a word going to shit, easily proving why he remains a hero in the world of alt rock.”

Speaking to NME last October, Moore discussed a forthcoming book he’s been writing about his early days as a musician in New York City and the origins of Sonic Youth.

“I wanted to write about being in the milieu of the CBGBs explosion, and essay what was happening in the flurry of those years – especially between ‘77 and ‘79 – when this incredible seismic shift happened in underground culture,” he said.

“I’ve been focussing on putting this manuscript together that I’ll hopefully publish in a year’s time. I’m calling it Sonic Life – for want of a better title!”


In the run-up to the US election last year, meanwhile, Moore was one of a number of musicians who appeared on the compilation ‘Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy’, released by US voters’ rights organisation Fair Fight in an effort to combat voter suppression.

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