Ticketmaster clarifies future safety policy for concert-goers

"Ticketmaster continues to work with event organisers on all Covid safety measures"

Ticketmaster has clarified its coronavirus safety policy after a report suggested the organisation would require concert-goers to verify vaccination status before allowing admission to future events.

The story, which originated in Billboard magazine, suggested the company wanted to use smartphone technology to verify that concert-goers were virus-free before allowing entry.

However, while Ticketmaster is exploring the possible use of this technology, it said in a statement there would be “absolutely no requirement” for mandatory vaccines, adding “we are not forcing anyone to do anything”.


It continued: “Ticketmaster does not have the power to set policies around safety/entry requirements, which would include vaccines and/or testing protocols.”

Gig crowd, Kurupt FM
The crowd at a Kurupt FM gig in 2018 CREDIT: Ollie Millington/Redferns

“That is up to the discretion of the event organiser. Ticketmaster continues to work with event organisers on all Covid safety measures and it will be up to each event organiser to set future requirements, based on their preferences and local health guidelines.”

A representative from Ticketmaster further clarified that “should Ticketmaster ultimately roll out this technology, it would be an option that the event organiser would choose to implement – not something that would be imposed by Ticketmaster on organisers.”

This week saw reports published regarding the first potentially effective COVID-19 vaccine, which is said to be able to prevent more than 90 per cent of people from catching the virus, according to preliminary analysis.


The news comes after last week’s launch of Ticketmaster’s SmartEvent (November 4), a new wave of technology hoping to provide coronavirus-secure live music events.

The technology, laid out in a new statement, includes a Social Distance Seating Tool that uses algorithms to work out safe venue capacities.