TikTok granted access to Prince’s full discography to inspire “a new generation of global fans”

"Let's go crazy!"

TikTok has signed a deal with Prince‘s estate to license his entire catalogue for use on the app.

The company is the “first short-form video app” to gain access to the late musician’s complete discography.

Prince was known for being protective of his work; he pulled his music from most streaming services in 2015. A year later, 27 of his albums and compilation records from Warner Bros. were returned to Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora in a move to “nurture his incredible legacy”, CEO and chairman Cameron Strang said at the time [via Bloomberg].


Prince – Credit: Getty

Now, TikTok has secured the use of all of Prince’s music for people to soundtrack their videos on the app. TikTok’s Entertainment Advisor said the aim is to introduce a new legion of younger fans to his music.

“Prince was known for breaking boundaries and TikTok has proven to do so as well. With the addition of Prince’s full catalogue on TikTok, it is our hope that a new generation of global fans can find meaning in Prince’s music, and be inspired to create”, Troy Carter said.

An official account named @Prince.4.ever has also been created, which is being operated by Prince’s estate and will offer archival material.

In addition, TikTok has also partnered with the Prince estate to give fans a tour of his popular Paisley Park home and studio through TikTok’s ‘Sound-Off’ livestream, going live on Monday (June 29) at 12pm PT (8pm BST).


In other news, Prince’s 1987 album ‘Sign O’ The Times’ is set to be reissued with 63 unheard tracks.

The new collection will be released later this year over eight CD’s and 13 LPs. It will include previously unreleased tracks, a live recording of Prince’s 1987 New Year’s Eve concert with Miles Davis, as well as a new re-master of Prince’s acclaimed 1987 double album.