Tim Burgess’ O Genesis label to release compilation album

'…And Now Our Lives Are Complete' will be released on March 10, 2014

Tim Burgess’ O Genesis label will release a compilation album next month (March 10, 2014).

Featuring tracks from artists on the label’s roster including Factory Floor’s Nik Colk, R Stevie Moore, Minny Pops, Throwing Up, Membranes and Tim Burgess himself, the compliation will be released on CD and limited-edition double vinyl.

Burgess launched the label in 2011, taking inspiration from the iconic Factory Records and it has since released singles and albums from a range of new and established artists.

‘…And Now Our Lives Are Complete’ tracklisting:

Jack Underwood – ‘Certain’
Electricity In Our Homes – ‘Drumming Around The Room’
Joseph Coward – ‘If You Want To Get Going Get Talking To Me’
Tim Burgess – ‘Anytime Minutes’
Keel Her – ‘Boner Hit’
R Stevie Moore – ‘Post Break Up Sex’
Education For Death – ‘Emma’
Slowgun – ‘Heavy Head Boy’
Throwing Up – ‘Big Love’
Jack Underwood – ‘Maths’
Kurt Wagner – ‘A Case For Vinyl’
Nik Colk Void – ‘Gold E’
Blood Music – ‘Sea Of Leaves’ (Gabe Gurnsey Factory Floor Remix)
Pavlovs Children – ‘Little Douglas’
Minny Pops – ‘Glistering’
Asia Argento & Tim Burgess – ‘Hours / Ours’
Hatcham Social – ‘More Power’
Membranes – ‘Universe’
Jack Underwood – ‘Your Horse’