Tim Burgess reveals he’s working on a new solo album

He's also said The Charlatans will be back in the studio once lockdown restrictions are lifted

Tim Burgess has revealed that he’s currently hard at work putting together a new solo album.

The Charlatans frontman’s last full-length solo album was last year’s ‘I Love The New Sky’, which he then followed up with a new EP, ‘The Ascent Of The Ascended’, in November.

Speaking in a new interview, Burgess said that he’s been recording a new solo album with coronavirus restrictions in place.


“I’ve been at Rockfield in Wales, all wearing masks and that. I’m doing a solo record,” he told the Rockonteurs podcast. “I’m with two others, they’re both engineers and producers. One is more electronic and the other one plays drums, it’s a nice combination.”

He continued: “I’ve got quite a lot of songs. I do them all on voice memos really, on my phone. Sometimes I’ll use a drum beat from a YouTube tutorial just to keep me in time. I just write at home and try and do it every day and see what comes out really.”

Tim Burgess
Tim Burgess. CREDIT: Getty Images

Elsewhere during the chat, Burgess assured Charlatans fans that the band will reunite once lockdown restrictions are lifted and they’ll start work on a new album.

“The Charlatans is a completely different thing,” he said, explaining that working on the band’s material is very different to working on his own. “We all get together and bring things, unfinished things, together and see if it kind of works. With my stuff I write the songs, and then try and work out the best way for people to be able to listen to them.”

“The band will meet very quickly, as soon as lockdown is over,” he continued. “I think we’ve always tried to be open with what The Charlatans can sound like, what would be amazing would be to all find out together; the audience to find out what kind of sound we’re going to make, the band to find out what kind of sound we’re going to make. We don’t know and that’s the good thing.”


Burgess has kept himself busy throughout the pandemic. In addition to releasing new music, he launched his Tim’s Twitter Listening Parties.

Launched back in March as the UK went into coronavirus-enforced lockdown, the regular listen-and-tweet-along online event sees bands and artists tweeting through a playback of one of their classic albums and interacting with fans.

Speaking to NME about his listening parties last year, Burgess explained that he saw the concept as being “a distraction” from the news.

“It’s an inclusive thing and it’s fun, which is something we need to have. It’s at 10pm for a reason, as a distraction from the 10 O’Clock News – anyone can watch the news at any other time of the day, so it’s not a protest.

“It’s less than 45 minutes, everyone seems to be able to say what they wanna say, it’s a great way for fans to find out what goes on behind the making of an album.”

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