DJ claims that drive-by shooters almost killed him...

Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood has spoken to the press for the first time since the shooting incident in South London in July this year and has said that he believes that the shooters were trying to kill him.

“These were not warning shots,” he said in an interview in yesterday’s Observer. “These people were trying to kill me.”

Reports following the shooting suggested that it wasn’t Westwood but one of the others in the car with him who was actually the target of the gunmen who caught them at a set of traffic lights in Kennington, South London following a gig in Brockwell Park.

Westwood was hospitalised and it was thought that his injuries weren’t particularly serious.

“The bullet missed my heart by an inch,” he said.”It went through the car, went through the back of my seat, missed my spine by an inch, and smashed Glen‘s (one of his team -Ed) knee up”

Westwood is back on the air and back touring and promoting shows; the police still have not made an arrest in the case though are now proceeding on the basis that the DJ was actually the target of the gunmen.

“I believe whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” he said. “I’m still driving the same car around with the bullet holes in it.”