The hip-hop DJ and Eminem associate says the compilation he is putting together "is about acknowledging the tremendous wealth of talent out there"...

UK hip-hop guru and EMINEM associate TIM WESTWOOD has been speaking about the new talent compilation he is currently compiling, insisting it is his attempt to create a British scene to rival the US dominance.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, the DJ launched his quest in May, inviting new unsigned acts to send demos for inclusion on the album. More than 700 demos were received, and now he’s selected six to go on the album. These will join 12 tracks by people “already out there in the scene but not signed to majors and not in the mainstream”.

“There’s loads of creative UK acts either on their own label or on small local labels out there but they are not being recognised, helped or acknowledged in any way,” said Westwood. “They struggle to survive.

“UK record labels are not signing UK rap acts – they’re selling US rap to the UK and taking money out of the UK scene without investing anything back. This album is about acknowledging the tremendous wealth of talent out there and will, hopefully, act as a stepping stone for these artists to go forward.”

Acts so far chosen for the album include Funky DL, Mike GLC, Blemish Blackstorm, Ca$hino and 57th Dynasty. Of the demos, he’s picked tracks by DVS, MPD and Romp Caesar. The compilation will be released through Trustthedj Records on July 29.

Westwood added: “I’m not saying we’ve found the next Eminem but it’s definitely reflecting the talent that’s out there at the moment. It should have been done ages ago.”