Scotland Yard refuse to speculate whether South London motorcycle drive-by shooting last night was related to shooting of DJ Tim Westwood...

Police have refused to speculate on any link between the shooting of a man in South London last night and the attack on Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood.

A spokesman said today that they are keeping an “open mind” about possible links between the shooting of a man in Larcom Street, Walworth and a similar attack on the Radio 1 DJ.

A 50-year-old man was shot at around 8.00 pm BST last night by a man on a motorcyle. The victim suffered “life threatening” injuries.


British papers have been full of articles drawing unquestioning links between Westwood and US hip hop violence. One paper has even linked Westwood to Tupac and Notorious BIG.

Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs sent Westwood a get well telegram which read: “The music is not doing the shooting, it’s the violencve that’s out there.”

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