According to Timbaland, he his fellow hiphop heavyweight will be working on an album called 'Chairmen Of the Boards'...

Super-producer TIMBALAND

says the mooted collaboration album between him and DR DRE

is almost certainly going to happen.


The partnership has been discussed for several months, and now Timbaland

has made it clear tta, according to him, it’s going to happen.

“Me and Dre

been talking about doing an album called ‘Chairmen of the Boards’,” he told MTV at the end of last week. “You’re the first person who I talked to about it. Dre

has kept it under wraps, I kept it under wraps. He was going to get a couple of other producers like Jermaine Dupri, but I really think it should be me and him. We’ve been talking about it for the last two months. We’ll pick artists we feel like we should do the beats for and put it out and promote it.”



also said he intended to stop being touted as a gun for hire, saying that if he was to produce a track, unless it was for one of a small circle of friends – his Beat Club – he wouldn’t raise his game.

He confirmed: “All my artists will have the best of Tim. Other people will have the B-side of Tim. When I say my artists, I mean Missy [Elliott] and Ginuwine too, the old and the new. The only people outside I consider part of the clique are Jay-Z and Ludacris. They’ll get an A-quality [track].

“I’m focused,” he added. “The labels done ate off the fat of the land. I see there is whole big land that ain’t been touched and I gotta grab all the tomatoes. That’s what I mean when I say i’m tired of making hits. If it ain’t for me, it don’t benefit me. It ain’t even about the money no more, it’s what your heart is into. I can’t do stuff my heart ain’t into.”