The executive producer of '30 Years To Life' has also found time to work with Beck on a Bowie track...

A film executive-produced by renowned R&B producer TIM ‘TIMBALAND’ MOSLEY is drawing plaudits at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL and narrowly missed out on picking up the GRAND JURY PRIZE in the Dramatic category on Saturday (January 27).

The independent feature, ’30 Years To Life’, directed by Vanessa Middleton, features a number of largely unknown actors playing a group of New York-based friends approaching their 30th birthdays. Timbaland has also scored the film.

“It’s a very good movie,” Timbaland told “It’s not your average black or urban movie. It’s a crossover. It’s like a pop film, and it’s about life at 30 years and how the younger generation starts to take over.


He added, “We’re getting (to be) 30 and wondering, How do we fit in? Where’s our life at? Are we comfortable with our life, and do we feel like we’ve made a lot of adjustments in our life at the age of 30? It has a real concept, this movie.”

Timbaland has not yet completed the soundtrack. The version currently being used will be finished if ’30 Years To Life’ picks up a distribution deal.

The Grand Jury prize was picked up by ‘The Believer’, written and directed by Henry Bean.

The producer also discussed Beck, with whom he has recently completed a cover of David Bowie’s ‘Diamond Dogs’ for inclusion on the soundtrack of the upcoming Baz Luhrmann-directed ‘Moulin Rouge’, starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman.

“He’s diverse, so he’s just like me. He’s in a whole different league and a whole different category. It makes me (get back) into a highly creative mode… and he makes me feel like he’s with me. He likes the stuff I like, the ill stuff that goes all different… Beck has a lot of sound, and his sound library is just ridiculous.”

Timbaland, meanwhile, is due to release a new Timbaland and Magoo album, ‘Indecent Proposal’, in April.