Tinie Tempah: ‘Music gave me something to live for’

Katy B and Metronomy also join the 'Why Music Matters' campaign

Tinie Tempah has declared that music saved his life.

Speaking on the Mercury Music Prize red carpet last week (September 6) the rapper admitted that music gave him “something to live for”.

In the video interview, which you can watch at the top of the page Tinie said:

[Music] was the only thing that gave me passion, a dream, hunger. It was the one thing that gave me something to live for. At the end of the day people can get on with their normal every day lives, but music made me realise. I had a purpose and work my butt off to achieve something.

Meanwhile, Metronomy‘s bassist Gbenga Adelekan defended the importance of music by saying: “People don’t notice its value up to a point. If it wasn’t something human beings had evolved to do we’d miss it.”

Fellow nominee Katy B said: “It enhanhes your feelings on everything, it makes you feel happy instantly. When girls break up with their boyfriends and they stick on a bit of Adele they feel better instantly!”

The acts were speaking as part of the Why Music Matters campaign which attempts to combat piracy by making consumers consider the value of music from an ethical standpoint.