Title Fight stream new album ‘Floral Green’ in full – listen

The Pennsylvania hardcore band's second LP is formally released on Monday (September 17)

Title Fight are streaming their new album ‘Floral Green’ in full on NME.COM, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to hear the record.

The album is the Pennsylvania hardcore band’s second LP and contains a total of 11 tracks, including new single ‘Head In The Ceiling Fan’.

Speaking about the album, bassist Ned Russin said: “I really strive to be honest in my writing, but that is something I always struggle with. I think this is by far the most straightforward stuff I’ve written. I’m really proud of that, but at times I’m worried about people knowing how I feel.”


Guitarist Shane Moran added: “This record is a time capsule of where we’re at in our lives and the world we come from. We want to put all that out into the world because it’s those things that set us apart and make us interesting.”

He continued: “We feel a responsibility to the kid somewhere out there who by seeing Title Fight will have their eyes opened to something more — and I don’t mean just by becoming a fan of Title Fight, but by going beyond us, to dig deeper into the music they listen to and hopefully discover something that’s really meaningful and really special to them.”

‘Floral Green’ is the follow-up to the band’s 2011 debut album ‘Shed and is formally released on Monday (September 17).

The tracklisting for ‘Floral Green’ is as follows:

‘Numb, But I Still Feel It’
‘Like A Ritual’
‘Secret Society’
‘Head In The Ceiling Fan’
‘Make You Cry’