'Chilli' says she will leave when her son starts nursery school - and the in-fighting goes on...

TLC could split for good within the next year, according to comments made in a recent interview with a US magazine.

Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas told the July issue of glossy women’s magazine Mademoiselle that she will leave the R&B super-group when her two-year-old son Tron starts nursery school.

“When he gets to kindergarten I’m through,” she said, “that’s just the way it’s going to be.”


Chilli also revealed she wouldn’t step out of the limelight altogether, but would consider working on a solo album, as well as taking on some acting roles.

However she will not make a solo album in order to meet the rather public challenge co-member Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopez made her and Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins. Following a recent walkout during an interview with American magazine Entertainment Weekly, Left-Eye wrote an open letter to the two suggesting they all produce solo albums to discover who is the most talented.

“I thought it was ridiculous,” said Chilli. “Why would I compete with my own group member? I didn’t understand the mentality.”

T-Boz added: “You don’t put a letter addressed to me in a magazine. You see me everyday. Just say, ‘Excuse me, Tionne, I’d like to talk to you’.”

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