To My Boy give up stellar scientific experiments to release second album

Duo pause work on 'energy

To My Boy are set to put aside scientific exploration to release their second album.

The duo’s ‘The Habitable Zone’ is out on Monday (May 31), but with the band planning to tour in support of the album songwriter Jack Snape, who is also a physicist, is having to pause his experiments.

Snape, who with Sam White make up the duo, has been working on a energy device called a Tokamak in between albums, which “recreates the conditions of a star on the surface of the earth”, but that will now wait until after To My Boy‘s record.


The album’s tracklisting is:

‘Underneath The Pylons’
‘Hello Horizon’
‘Us + The Wind’
‘When I Was A Cloud’
‘Looking For A New Way’
‘Delightful Beams’
‘The Generators’
‘We Are Your Ancestors’

‘The Habitable Zone’ is the follow up to the 2007 James Ford-produced ‘Messages’.