Tom DeLonge confirms Angels & Airwaves are back in the studio

"Things are going very well in the studio”

Tom DeLonge has confirmed that Angels and Airwaves are back in the studio and are working on a new album.

In a series of posts on Instagram, DeLonge revealed that the band were “back at it” and in another, shared a snippet of music the group had been working on.

DeLonge wrote: “@angelsandairwaves is back, and yes, this album will revisit my punk roots slammed within the progressive, atmospheric landscapes Angels and Airwaves has always been known for.”


In another, DeLonge said: “Things are going very well in the studio.” You can see the posts below.

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Back at it today with @angelsandairwaves

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Last year, Blink 182′s Mark Hoppus admitted that the band did “its best work” back when DeLonge was still a member.

DeLonge parted ways with Mark Hoppus and co. in 2015, and went on to find success with Angels & Airwaves. Since his departure, Blink released the albums ‘California’ and ‘‘NINE’ with Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba replacing DeLonge on guitar and vocals.


In an interview with Vogue, bassist Hoppus looked back fondly on the band’s ‘Enema Of The State’ era.

“There was a real unity of spirit in the band; [it’s] when the band found itself,” he said. “When Tom was in the band, that’s when blink did its best work… Now post-Tom, with Matt in the band, we’re approaching songs differently.”

Speaking of their relationship after the split, Hoppus added: “I talked with Tom for the first time in two years right before we started this tour…The conversation was more about us just telling each other, ‘No hard feelings. You do your thing, we’ll do our thing.’ It’s all good.”

Speaking about Angels & Airwaves to NME last year, DeLonge said: “In many ways, what Angels is doing on this next record is kinda what my vision for where I wanted Blink to go in the future was.

“Not that it was created yet, but I started Blink so I had a vision in my head for what it should be in the beginning and then where it should go. But I don’t own the band. I have partners and everyone’s voice was equal. It was like three guys trying to drive the car at the same time and that’s what made it great.”

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