Tom Delonge helps to track down alleged sexual predators

The ex-Blink-182 guitarist took to Facebook to try and locate the men who tried to 'kidnap' a family friend.

Tom Delonge has taken to Facebook to help track down a pair of men who allegedly tried to kidnap a 15-year-old girl.

The ex-Blink-182 member posted the rant on Saturday (July 29) saying: “These asswipes are going to jail for trying to kidnapp (sic) a 15 year old girl 48 hours ago”.

He posted an image of two men who he claims tried to take the teenager, and after failing, proceeded to stake out two more elementary schools.

According to Delonge, the men were eventually caught by the police, saying: “as a Father, I can speak for all other fathers, these guys are lucky they were grabbed by police and not us.”

Since leaving Blink-182 in January 2015, the guitarist has been researching UFOs, and has even discussed the possibility of rejoining the band.