Tom DeLonge would get high and go hunting for Big Foot while on tour with Blink-182

His love for mysterious creatures goes way back...

Tom Delonge used to get high and go hunting for Big Foot while on tour with Blink-182, according to the band’s drummer Travis Barker.

Delonge is known for his love of all things mysterious. Since leaving the pop punk group, DeLonge has studied alien life extensively and has even picked up an award from UFO website and YouTube channel, Open Minds TV.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast, Barker revealed that he and Delonge would often sit and look for UFOs while on tour. “We used to get loaded and just look out the bus window [for UFOs], and I used to do it with him – it was kind of a bonding experience,” he said.

“With Tom that was his thing – let’s get high and look for UFOs. So we would! We’d just sit there and like stare out the bus window and look at UFOs.”

He later added that Delonge would go out and search for Bigfoot. “He would even go as far as when we were on tour [to be] like, ‘Let’s go and fucking look for Bigfoot,’ Barker revealed. “He would assemble a crew and they would go do it.”

“He never got me on one of those trips because that was just too fairytale for me,” he added. “It’s really not something he just got into – from the day I met him he was obsessed with UFOs and aliens and he was always very passionate about it.”

Meanwhile, Blink 182 are reportedly back in the studio. The band have recorded a new song with The Chainsmokers with the latter saying they can now “die happy” following the collaborative session.