Tom DeLonge announces sequel to his ‘Sekret Machines’ novel

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Former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge has announced the release date for the second instalment of his ongoing science-fiction series, ‘Sekret Machines’.

The singer-songwriter (and author, among many things) has written ‘Sekret Machines Book 2 – A Fire Within’ with New York Times bestselling author A. J. Hartley.

DeLonge’s fascination with extraterrestrial life and scientific conspiracies has been widely documented. ‘Sekret Machines’ is inspired by DeLonge’s real life research into the military and intelligence communities.


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The second book, ‘A Fire Within’ follows four people who are being pursued by corrupt corporate agents while dealing with new, unexplained powers that they can barely control.

Speaking about the novel, DeLonge said: “One of the largest areas of study when dealing with the UFO phenomenon is consciousness and the human mind”.

“Book One focused primarily on the machines themselves–hardware, if you like–but in the second instalment of the series we push the story into the gray areas between the normal and the paranormal in more clearly human terms, exploring the idea that as technology might make exponential evolutionary progress, so might people themselves”, explains Hartley.

‘Sekret Machines Book 2 – A Fire Within’ will be released September 18.


Tom DeLonge, A J Hartley
A J Hartley and Tom DeLonge

Last year, one of the major players in the US government program the investigated UFOs joined Tom DeLonge’s ‘science fiction technology’ academy.

New York Times exposé revealed that the US government spent millions of dollars on a covert program exploring the possibility of alien life. The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was started in 2007 , ceased to be funded in 2012, but is still operation today.

One of the major officials of this project was Luis Elizondo who is now a member of the ‘To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science’ which is run by DeLonge.