Tom Grennan opens up about how his life “completely changed” after being attacked aged 18

The artist spoke candidly about the lasting mental impact that the incident had on him

Tom Grennan has spoken openly about how his life “completely changed” after he was attacked at the age of 18.

The Bedford-born artist has previously spoken about the incident in the press, which occurred five years ago in his hometown after he found himself, in his words, “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” He was left unconscious in the brawl, which also left him needing surgery to his jaw and the insertion of metal plates.

In a new interview with the podcast Berkhamsted Revisits, Grennan has now spoken about the impact that the attack had on his mental health.

“My whole life completely changed after that… I was madly, deeply depressed. I couldn’t leave the house for about a year,” Grennan said. “And if I did leave the house, I needed to be on the phone to my mum, or someone like that.

Tom Grennan

“I couldn’t walk out at night,” he continued. “My whole life just changed, and I had the deepest, baddest thoughts in my head. I remember walking down the stairs and saying to my mum: ‘I’m so angry and so upset, I’m gonna go and kill someone.’

“I’ve never really talked about this, by the way, what I’m about to say. But I was about to go kill someone, and I was talking about myself. My mum knew that, and if I didn’t say that to her, no doubt about it I would’ve done something stupid.

“I had to go to Cambridge Hospital [for counselling] for a year to build myself back up.”

He added that he’d still been “building myself up” until last year when he wrote his debut album, ‘Lighting Matches’.

Grennan was recently announced to appear at Neighbourhood Weekender on May 25-26 at Warrington’s Victoria Park, headlined by Richard Ashcroft and George Ezra. 

Earlier this week, Grennan shared the video for his song ‘Run In The Rain’. 

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