Tom Grennan on his quest for a number one album: “Liam Gallagher will love me”

The Bedford musician is set to release his debut album this year, and he's got some big ambitions for it.

Tom Grennan has declared that he wants his debut album to reach No.1 – as well as revealing his hopes for a Liam Gallagher collaboration in the future. Watch our video interview with Grennan above.

The rising solo artist, picked as one of the NME 100 most essential new bands to keep an eye on this year, was speaking at the VO5 NME Awards 2018, when he looked back on his whirlwind career so far.

“My year has been crazy, man,” Grennan told NME. “I’ve finished my album, I sold out my tour. I’m just having loads of fun and meeting new people, making a lot of new friends.”


As to what to expect from his hotly-anticipated full-length debut, Grennan revealed: “The whole album is different, man – it takes you on a journey. There’s a lot of orchestra, a lot of brass, a lot of gospel. There are a lot of surprises on there.”

He continued: “Fucking, I want a number one album, man – 100%. If I’m being truthful with you, I do think about that. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t get one, well I probably will, but my aim is to just have longevity and make good music.”

Singing the praises of the evening’s Godlike Genius recipient Liam Gallagher, Grennan added that he was not only hoping to meet him, but was “100%” game for a collaboration.

“That’s my plan, man,” laughed Grennan. “I reckon Liam Gallagher will love me as well. Liam, if you’re watching – oi oi.”

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