Tom Jones: Simon Cowell is ‘not qualified’ to be a music judge

The singer is set to be a judge on BBC1's 'The Voice'

Tom Jones has said that Simon Cowell is “not qualified” to judge musicians’ singing abilities, as he is just “a record man”.

The singer spoke out against the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge, since he is set to judge competing talent show ‘The Voice’.

The Daily Mirror quotes Jones saying:

I have problems when people who have never got up on a stage to sing judge those who do. Who are they to say? Simon Cowell is a record man, not a singer. How can someone give advice if he or she is not qualified?


He continued: “It’s like critics who criticise actors, never having been on a stage. Or having a teacher not experienced in teaching.”

Jones said that when he was asked to be a judge on ‘The Voice’, he liked the concept but would not agree to appear on the show until he knew who else would be serving as mentors. “There are loads of judges with experience in the record industry, but can’t sing,” he shared. “They may work for a record company, but to have stood where that person is standing is a unique thing. That’s the difference. It frustrates me when people comment on others singing when they haven’t actually been there themselves. You’ve got the shows with record executives, people who are listening for commercial reasons and whether someone will sell.”

‘The Voice’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ both premiere next Saturday evening. Tom Jones will be joined by judges Jessie J, and Danny O’Donoghue.

Simon Cowell recently announced that he will be launching a new TV talent show to “find the world’s greatest DJs”, describing DJs as “the new rock stars” and said that the show will capture the rise of “DJ phenomena”.