Tom Jones responds to ‘sick joke jibe’ about gospel album

'Sex Bomb' singer angry about record company executive's alleged remarks

Tom Jones has responded to reported claims from an executive at his record company that his new album ‘Praise And Blame’ is a “sick joke”.

A leaked email from Island Records vice-president David Sharpe has apparently revealed that the gospel-themed record is “certainly not what we paid for”, reports the Western Mail.

The email is said to go on: “We did not invest a fortune in an established artist for him to deliver 12 tracks from the common book of prayer.”


However, the singer hit back at Sharpe, describing his as “some fella who writes the cheques” who is not involved in the creative process at the label.

“It’s [the criticism] not coming from the creative people in the record company, because they’re backing it up all the way, I mean they’re thrilled with it, so I don’t understand it,” Jones said.

He added that the label “can’t apologise enough” over the leaked comments.

‘Praise And Blame’ was produced by Kings Of Leon cohort Ethan Johns and is due to be released on July 26.

It features covers of songs by the likes of Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker, Susan Werner and Billy Joe Shaver.